How To Manage Money Like a Minister – Michael Price

“How to Manage Money Like A Minister – Michael F. Price

      Rev. Adam Janes

Rev. Adam JanesDr. Price recognized that “Clearly, what most people are waiting for is a list of Hints from Heloise but with a financial slant” (P. 6). Therefore, he set out to write “…a timely, comprehensive, and reference work that lays-out (sic) in simple terms how to become a better manage of your money…” (P. 8).  While 217 pages is hardly enough space to be considered comprehensive, he is able to provide a large number of practical money saving tips.

The reader can appreciate the fact that each tip comes from Dr. Price’s personal experience and practices, so they really do work in real world situations. Not every tip is appropriate for every situation, and Price asks the reader to “…look at them like you do the food when you eat at a cafeteria…take and digest what you want and leave the rest” (P. 10). This admonition is repeated throughout the book.

If you are looking for a practical book of money saving tips, this is a good place to start. It’s well organized by 26 alphabetical categories so you can refer back to it easily. Most of the suggestions would seem to be common sense, but the fact that so many people don’t follow them would indicate that common sense is not so common.

Some of the suggestions are commonly used in our household and we have experienced tremendous success such as hanging out clothes to dry rather than running that expensive dryer, and setting up automatic transfer to savings. There are more creative suggestions as well, like arranging a house swap to save money when traveling to a foreign country.

As a reference, this would be a good book to keep on the shelf and refer to from time to time. I was able to read from cover to cover in one afternoon.

Reverend Adam Janes, Pastor, First Christian Church in Dover, TN.