Personal Finance Class

Personal Finance – Making More With What You Have

For a limited time, take it for FREE!


The Center for Faith and Giving is pleased to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with the educational site  This bold enterprise features a five unit course on Creating a Culture of Generosity in Your Congregation than can help you master the essential concepts of biblical stewardship and best financial practices that will help your grow the resources you need to do ministry in your faith community. 

The course also features a unit on personal finance — and to help introduce you to both the course and our new partners, we are making this unit available free for a limited time.  Learn why building a household budget is both biblical and practical.  Discover 10 “economic rules” that will lower your anxiety about money and help you build the capacity to practice generosity.  Visit Transforming the Church.ORG and register (it is free), then sign up for the Personal Finance course and use this code CFGMAKINGMORE and begin your journey to financial stability. 

We are certain that once you take advantage of this offer, you will want to experience the entire course.  Share this information with your friends and contact the Center for Faith and Giving if you have additional questions or would like more information.