Presentation Materials

These links connect you with material presented by Reverend Barkhauer or other leaders in workshops and events sponsored by the Center for Faith and Giving.  Please remember that this material is the property of the Center for Faith and Giving and should not be reproduced or published by electronic or other means without the expressed written consent of the Director of the Center for Faith and Giving.  Quoted material should be attributed to the author and to the Center for Faith and Giving.

Basic Stewardship Workshop – Covers Bible Passages, Basic Theology, and a few general Best Practices

Best Practices – includes detailed information about the techniques utilized by successful congregations with regard to policy and the regular practice of resourcing mission.  There are 36 questions congregations should be able to answer about money.  Those questions are included with this material.

Household Budget Form – Used in the “Living Within Your Means for Meaningful Living” workshop

Georgia Men’s Retreat, Christmount, NC (2012) – Living an Abundant Life

Black Minister’s Retreat, Kansas City, MO (2012) – Creating a Culture of Generosity

2012 Alabama Regional Assembly — Creating a Culture of Generosity

22nd Biennial Session of the National Convocation – Workshop

Upper Midwest Leadership Event (West Des Moines, IA) 2012  – Workshop Notes

Lufkin, TX Workshop 2012  Workshop Notes

Oklahoma Foundation Event (September 2012) – Event PowerPoint

Illinois/Wisconsin Regional Assembly 2012

Ohio Regional Assembly 2012 – workshop

Pacific Southwest Regional Assembly 2012 – Workshop