This section is designed to connect you to resources that will enable you and your congregation to think about stewardship with greater intentionality and grant you access to the  best available information on particular subjects.  It is divided into three major areas:  Administrative, Worship, and General Resources

Administrative Resources (ADM)

In this area you will find examples and articles about matters related to policy and best practices.  Items such as how to build a narrative budget,”Why do an annual audit?, or “What questions should our congregation be able to answer about money?” will be found here.

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Worship Resources (WR)

Here you will find liturgical and informational items that can help you integrate stewardship related themes into your weekly worship experience.  Calls to Worship, Offering Reflections (Invitations), Lectionary resources, and other materials are just a “click” away.

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General Resources (GR)

Bibliographies, links to other stewardship sites, informative articles, archives of the Center for Faith and Giving Newsletter and monthly Bulletins can be found here.  The Green Chalice Ministry newsletters and other items of interest related to care for the earth are also located here.

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