Special Thanksgiving Resources (2013)

Stewardship Moment: (Thanksgiving Offering, week one)
“Come Home.”  That is the theme for this year’s Thanksgiving Special Day offering.  It seems appropriate: since in the weeks ahead many of us will be scurrying about preparing for those who are “coming home” to celebrate the holiday; while others are preparing to “go home” for the exact same reason.  When we support the Thanksgiving Special Day Offering, we support Disciples Students.  We support schools and colleges, scholarships and programs which directly affect our Disciples students.  As you prepare for Thanksgiving, let us pause to give thanks for our Disciples Students, and make an offering to the Thanksgiving Special Offering.
Offertory Prayer:
We bring our gifts before you O God, because we believe in you these gifts make a difference. We believe that in you, these gifts change lives. Take and bless the offerings we bring O God, and use them to make a difference, we pray.  We offer them in the name of the Risen Christ. 

Stewardship Moment: (Thanksgiving Sunday)
Have you experienced God’s blessing?  Have you been blessed with life?  Have you been blessed with times of health, or healing, or both?  Have you been blessed by love of another?  How do you give thanks to God?  On this Thanksgiving Sunday we pause to return our thanks to God.  In this day and age, one of the ways we give thanks to God for so many blessings is through our offerings.  Let us now receive the tithes and offerings which are signs of our thanks for the many blessings of God.
Offertory Prayer:
We bring our gifts, O God, while offering our thanks and praise for all that you have done, and all that you are going to do.  We ask your blessing on these gifts, and these acts of giving that through them others may come to know the joy of life in the light of your Son, Jesus Christ.