Non-Givers/Irregular Donors

Dear _____________

Believe it or not, there is more to (Name of church) than just what you see on Sunday morning! (List several mission/ministry activities, including at least one that happens on your property between Sundays.)

All of these things are planned and prepared by leadership and staff who are deeply committed to our becoming who it is God is calling us to be.  The ministry and mission of our church take place because of the spiritual and financial gifts our members and friends choose to offer.  These are the resources that fuel our mission; and yes, it does cost real money to provide these spiritual things!

The decision to give a gift is a choice, but as a follower of Jesus, it really isn’t an option!  Based on what we have received, we are encouraged to give something – out of thanksgiving for what God has done, and as a sign of faithfulness and commitment to be a part of the good things that God is continuing to do in our world.  We have the gift of Jesus and we are invited to respond to what God has given us with generosity of our own.

To make that gift means making a decision to give something away that you might use for something else.  To do that may require choosing to not buy a fancy coffee, or deciding to carry a sack lunch into the office once a week instead of buying lunch.  The amount may seem insignificant, but did you know that gift of just $5 every week can (list something here that a gift of $260 can make happen at your church – perhaps half scholarship for young person to go to camp; feed x number of families through the food bank; etc.).   Your gift matters – it matters to you as the giver, and to the church which utilizes it as a resource for mission.

As a congregation, we are entering a time of discerning what we will contribute monetarily in the coming year.  The practice of exercising financial stewardship is a spiritual discipline and a way to grow our faith.  There is joy to be found in practicing generosity and it begins with a simple step of a commitment to contribute.

My prayer is that you will be with us during the remaining weeks of our Journey to Generosity, that you are making plans now to attend church on (date of Commitment Sunday) and that you will join us for the (dinner/event, time and location).  The gifts we bring make good things happen. Thank you for being a part of it.  The enclosed chart can give you an idea of how others practice generosity and hopefully help you find a comfortable starting place for yourself.  Challenge yourself to give in a regular and disciplined way.  I promise you won’t regret it.



{Signature of Campaign Chair}{Name and official title}