Generosity Moment – Doug Michael

You’ve heard the expression – “Something’s got to give.”

That explains why I give to Crestwood (Christian Church, Lexington, KY).  It comes in two parts, let me talk about each.

First, something’s go to give because of the pressure of life.  I give to this church things you probably didn’t want — my fears, my failures, my transgressions – because life’s pressures are sometimes too much to bear alone.  And you, Crestwood, have saved my life.

But second, and more importantly, I see the good which God’s people do when they work together. Together we bring the word and love of God and the teaching of Jesus Christ to each other, our children and our community.

We bring shelter to the homeless, sanctuary to the refugee, communion and companionship to the prisoner, and we come together in a worshipping community of believers so that we can continue to do these things, and to do them more abundantly.  And in this way, something’s got to give, not because of the pressure of my life, but because of the pull the Holy Spirit, showed the needs of others.

When I see the world to which Crestwood ministers, my little abundance is simple ripped from its moorings and is pulled here.  I bring my treasure, my time, and my talents (such as they are) because I have to.  If I didn’t bring them, they would like find a way to bring themselves.  Something’s just got to give.

The gifts work both ways, you see.  The Church literally touches you in two different ways each Sunday – with the plate for your offering, and the communion for your salvation.

So — I know something’s got to give.  I know that something is me, and I hope and pray that it is you, too.