October 7, 2018

October 7,  2018                      Pentecost 20
World Communion Sunday

For World Communion Sunday, consider using a variety of special ways to highlight the Table, and Christians celebrating around the world.  One list of suggestions may be found at
http://www.jordan rimmer.com/world-communion-sunday-ideas-and-liturgy/.

Another extended site is: https://www.globalministries.org/special_days_wcs_world_communion_sunday_ideas

Call to Worship  (using the resources of your congregation, invite different people to share a response in a language they know or are willing to read phonetically)

Leader: Today we are invited to a joyful feast, hosted by Jesus Christ.

Solo Voice:  (Spanish)Todos los que tienen hambre encontrarán
el pan de la vida aquíAll: All who are hungry will find the bread of life here.

Solo Voice:  (French)   Tous ceux qui ont soif trouveront une source de grâce ici.

All: All who thirsty will find will find a fountain of grace here.

Solo Voice:  (German)  Alle, die verloren sind, finden hier Sicherheit.

All:  All who are lost will find safety here.

Solo Voice: (Swahili)  Wote ambao wamevunjwa watapata uponyaji hapa.

All: All who are broken will find healing here.

Leader: For this is a heavenly banquet, and all are welcome here!
All: Let us worship God!

(adapted from Rick Neale http://www.textweek.com/festivals/wccall.html)

Opening Prayer   

God of all life,
From an upper room in Jerusalem to this sanctuary here in _______,
followers of Jesus the Christ have gathered to be nurtured and nourished at the Table of Love.  As we come today, we bring to mind those who prepa today’s feast, the great cloud of witnesses from ages past, and all those who are yet to come. Bind us together, God, into your holy people.  Hear our prayer of thanksgiving for the opportunity to be included as we celebrate this world communion Sunday.  AMEN

Stewardship Moment                                                      

Across the “bread basket” of America, it’s harvest time.  Ripened fields are nearly ready for the gathering-in which comes after the planting and fertilizing; growing crops blessed by gifts of rain and sun.

Week by week, we bring the harvest we are ready to share, in the form of checks, cash or credit cards ready to swipe.  This gathering-in occurs after the paychecks and allowances, the tips and birthday gifts are blessed by the decision each one of you has made to share.

So come!  Bring what you have, and together we’ll create a harvest of hope:  good measure, pressed downshaken together, and running over.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

We can hold back the gifts with which you bless us, God of generosity, or we can harvest them to build up this community of faith and share with others somewhere in your wide world.

Thank you for taking in all we have brought to this hour of worship.  Please translate this offering into joy, peace and hope — signs of your Realm on earth. Amen.

Invitation to Communion

Consider using a variety of breads from around the world.  Make sure to identify where they are from (Naan from India, tortillas from Mexico, rye bread from Germany, Irish soda bread…)

Christ invites us all to this Holy Meal.

We gather this morning, remembering our sisters and brothers from above and below the equator, from the North and from Down Under, from every time zone around the globe.

Beginning hours ago, and stretching hours yet before us, Christians gather to celebrate their place in God’s family.

In every land, followers of Jesus are invited to come to this table.  All are welcome. Come, for the meal is ready!

(adapted from http://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/unitedchurchofchrist/legacy_url/14555/come-for-the-meal-is-ready.pdf?1418435944)