February 10, 2019

February 10, 2019

Worship Resources for
the Center for Faith and Giving

Epiphany 5C

Isaiah 6:1-8, (9-13)

Psalm 138

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Luke 5:1-11

Call to Worship  (from Psalm 138)

One:   Praise God!
Many:  With whole hearts, we come to give God thanks and praise.
One:   God’s steadfast love and faithfulness
gives us power to lift high the name of the Lord!
Many:  God’s steadfast love endures forever.
One:    Great is the glory of God.
Many:  We sing and give thanks for the ways God works, and so we pray:

Opening Prayer

Mighty God, you continue to stand in the breach — to preserve us and deliver us from all that works to pull us away from you and your ways.

Thank you for your presence here today, and for the ways you fulfill your purpose for your creation as you continue to call us into service.

In our worship, encourage and strengthen us to be witnesses to you and to your love, especially as it is made known in Jesus, the Christ. AMEN

Moment for Stewardship 

In Luke 5, we hear how Jesus stepped into Simon’s empty fishing boat and asked Simon to put out a little way from the shore so Jesus could speak to the crowd.

Hard to believe this fisherman would respond so positively to the request of a stranger!  These fishermen went on to be amazed at their huge catch.  No wonder Simon Peter fell on his knees, saying “go away from me”!  This was preposterous!

Instead of going away, Jesus announced “from now on you will be catching people.”  And Peter, James and John brought their boats to shore, left everything and followed (became disciples of) Jesus.

Tho’ most of us don’t have such a dramatic story of coming to faith or becoming a disciple/follower of Jesus, many have stepped up over the centuries to become avid believers and full-time followers. (Name one or two from your own tradition:  Disciples might include Clara Hale Babcock, Raymond Brown, or Sarah Lue Bostick).

What have you brought to offer to Jesus this day?  The One who continues to call you as a disciple asks for nothing less than your whole life!

So bring yourself, and the symbols of your life, as we make our offering this morning.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Such as we have, we give you, Lord of Life!

We offer ourselves.  Now put the gifts we’ve shared, and our lives, to use as you move in this world, creating your fullness/your shalom.

Amaze us with all you are doing in this moment, even as we give you our thanks, in Jesus Christ.


Invitation to Communion

On this Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day, we come to this Table, aware of the love demonstrated here in symbols of bread and cup. One picture of that love may be found in the valentine embedded in the familiar scripture of John 3:16.

Because we, like Peter, James and John, have come to believe in Jesus as the Christ, so we are welcome at this table of remembrance and love.

All is prepared, and you are invited!