March 3, 2019

March 3, 2019

Worship Resources for
the Center for Faith and Giving

Transfiguration Sunday/Epiphany 8C

Exodus 34:29-35

Psalm 99

2 Corinthians 3:12 – 4:2

Luke 9:28-36, (37-43)

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(Editor’s notes for this Sunday: “If you are going to bury the Alleluia for Lent, use lots of Alleluias today, dress the Table in finest white and gold, bring out the candles and make a festive declaration of the day! One song might be “Come, Christians, Join to Sing”, Chalice #90)

Consider using this art and scripture power point series for March 3:

Call to Worship  (from 2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2)

One:  Living in hope, we come boldly to this time of worship.
Many:  In the Spirit’s power, we rejoice in the freedom we are given.
One:  With our freedom, we see the glory of Jesus, the Christ,
Many:  and we are transformed!
All:  So we lift our hearts and minds to worship the Lord our God!

Opening Prayer  (from Psalm 99)

Great God, lover of justice,
we stand before you this day to praise your name.
Thank you for the ways you execute justice, even today.
We rejoice in the ways you answer all who pray to you,
and honor you this morning as the one we worship above all.

Moment for Stewardship 

If you are marking today as Transfiguration Sunday, use this Moment for Stewardship:
We’ve called this day “Transfiguration” Sunday. Often, congregations read the Luke 9 scripture and focus on what it means that Jesus was “transfigured”, and how Jesus’ disciples experienced the changed Jesus.

We don’t actually use the word “transfiguration” often, although for you who are Harry Potter fans, remember!  One required class at Hogwarts is “Transfiguration”.  In this class, students are encouraged to transfigureone object into another.  Or you may remember the scene when Harry watches in amazement as a raven is turned/transfigured into a goblet!

With that in mind, we turn to our offering.  What a perfect example of transfiguration!  It’s not magic, but our labor is turned into dollars.  Our dollars are now turned into a freely-offered gift.  And this freely-offered gift will be transfigured into food for the hungry, good news for the doubting, youth fellowship for sharing the faith, lights and heat for our building, staff for our congregation…

Today, let our lives be transfigured as we share our gifts.

If you are not marking this as Transfiguration Sunday, use this:

In the second letter to the Corinthians, we hear “all of us…are being transformed”.

When we come to recognize the glory of the Lord, it’s like standing in the warm summer sun, taking in the rays and the heat, with the expectation we will have a “glow”.

So how are we being transformed, as followers of Jesus Christ?  It may not be something physically evident, like a suntan – but it may be something psychologically or emotionally evident, like a more generous spirit!

Our offering today is opportunity for us to display the way in which each one of us is being transformed because of seeing the glory of Jesus Christ.  Will you let your wallet be transformed?  Your credit?  Will you choose Christ’s church over the appeal of more food or clothing or furniture or toys?

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Generous Giver of Life, by your Spirit we pray to be transformed once more, changing us into followers who look like, and act like, Jesus.  Thank you for all who have given from their lives and their hearts today.  Thank you for continuing to call us into your presence, and for using us and these gifts to help transform the world.  AMEN

Invitation to Communion

Luke, Matthew and Mark all tell the story of what happened on a mountain top when Jesus took Peter, John and James with him.  God was at work, and the disciples saw Jesus change.  We mark the day with candles, items of white and gold, and happy exclamations of “alleluia!”

So we come to this table, aware of the ways in which our lives are transfigured by our connection with this Jesus.  In faith, we tell the stories and remember how Jesus taught, preached and healed those around him.  In faith, we recognize the symbols of bread and cup as signs of his life, death and resurrection.  In faith, we celebrate what we know and anticipate all that is yet to come.

So recognize this moment with all the joy and shouts of “alleluia” we can provide!  Praise the Lord!  Alleluia!

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