April 3, 2022

Worship Resources for
the Center for Faith and Giving

Lent 5C

Isaiah 43:16-21

Psalm 126 

Philippians 3:4b-14

John 12:1-8

Call to Worship  (inspired by Psalm 126)

(consider using a sung version of Psalm 126 for the call to worship.
  One possibility:  https://www.ocp.org/en-us/songs/88958/the-lord-has-done-  


Voice One:  Today’s a day for remembering and anticipating!
                  Remember when the Lord poured out blessings
                           on you, on us, on the world?
                  Remember being filled with joy?

Voice Two:  Anticipate!  The Lord desires abundance for all.
                  So we may mourn now, but seeds are ours for planting,
                       and the joy of harvest is just ahead.
                  Times of tears may come,
                      but the laughter of full life is still before us all.
Voice One:  In this Lenten week, look ahead!  Anticipate!
                     Rejoice as we give thanks to the Lord our God!

Opening Prayer    (in response to John 12:1-8)

Living, loving Lord,
Thank you for bringing us together this day, whether in person or on-line,
      so we might praise you.
Thank you for the anticipation we have
     of good which is yet to be made known.
Thank you for the presence of Jesus in our midst.
Help this hour be a time of gratitude and sharing,
        even as we remember Jesus’ dinner
        with Martha, Mary and the raised-up Lazarus.

Moment for Stewardship  (adapted from https://united-church.ca/sites/default/files/called_to_be_the_church_five_sundays_of_lent.pdf, pp. 52-53)

The Way of Lent is a path that we travel each year,
     as a time for us to remember Jesus’ journey.
On that journey he met many people.
On that journey, he meets us: in our times of prayer, in our times of blessing, in our times of worship, in our times of sharing.
So, come, siblings in Christ!
Come, share all that we have, all that we are,
   for the love of our neighbours,
   for the healing of creation,
   for the hope of the world. 

Prayer of Thanksgiving  (from https://united-church.ca/sites/default/files/called_to_be_the_church_five_sundays_of_lent.pdf, pp. 52-53)

What we have, we freely share, loving God.
Blessed by your love, may we be a blessing in your world.
May what we offer always be used in service
       of your grace, your peace, and your love. Amen!

Invitation to Communion  (inspired by John 12:1-8)

In all 4 Gospels we read of times Jesus gathered with friends to share a meal.  Today we’ve heard how Jesus came to Bethany to enjoy dinner at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. 

It was Mary who extravagantly welcomed Jesus by anointing his feet with costly perfume, a gift received with gratitude by Jesus, even as he rebuked Judas Iscariot.

At this table, it’s Jesus who offers a costly gift to each of us. 
We’re each invited to this meal –
Marys, Marthas, all who have been raised up, all who have been rebuked.  All are invited to share in this meal of remembrance and anticipation,
   with Jesus offering bread and cup, emblems of his very body and blood.

Come!  You are welcome here.

(if you have someone who can play and sing, consider “All Are Welcome” from Chalice Praise, #159 (words & music:  Hans Peterson and Larry Olson)

(chorus)  All are welcome, friend and stranger, at the banquet of the Savior.
              All are welcome.  All are welcome here.
(verses)  From the woman who comes crying, leaving tears at Jesus’ feet,
              to the man who knows the right way but cannot see.
        From the ones who feel forgotten, those who sense their place is gone,
        to the ones who live in hunger, here you belong.
              Go into the streets and cities, to the farms and families,
              tell about the splendid table, God’s mercy.