October 16, 2022

Worship Resources for 
the Center for Faith and Giving

Proper 24C

Jeremiah 31:27-34 

 Psalm 119:97-104 

 2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:5

 Luke 18:1-8

Call to Worship  (inspired by Ps. 119)One:  We’ve come together as God’s people, eager to worship our Guide.
Many:  God teaches and blesses us, so we might respond in love.
One:  As people of faith, come!  Focus in, so we might praise our Creator.
Many:  Pouring out praise, we celebrate our covenantal partnership. 
One:  Joining hearts, let us respond to all God offers us this day.
Many:  In gratitude, we look for God’s teaching, drawing us to
          right living, dawning peace, and justice for all.

Opening Prayer  

Loving God, we rejoice in knowing more and more about you!  

Thank you for teachers who open the scriptures.  Encourage us to taste the sweetness of your words by opening our ears, our minds and our hearts. 

Keep us persistent as we learn and gain understanding, even as Jesus taught his disciples to grow.    AMEN   

Moment for Stewardship  (inspired by II Timothy 3 and 4)

Many of us live in a world where speed is valued.  We’re surrounded by ads with runners who win the race, cars which reach top speed first, stocks which lead the market.

Yet Paul’s writing encourages our persistence in standing on the foundation of our faith.  He writes “continue in what you have learned…knowing from whom you learned it…be persistent whether the time is favorable or unfavorable.”  Just the opposite of the push for “do it fast”.

One place this makes good sense is in our stewardship of financial resources.  Common wisdom says “slow and steady wins the race”, and
“dollar cost averaging” to serve people best over a life-time.

Here at ____________, we’re grateful for every offering, yet we also know it’s the regular, persistent, weekly or monthly contributions which are the foundation of our finances. 

So as you continue to grow in faith, let that show in the way you make a financial investment in this congregation and in our ministries.  
Persistent participation over “make a fast, one-time contribution” speed!

Prayer of Thanksgiving

We give you thanks, God of all creation, for your persistence in caring – and in challenging US to care — for all your creatures, and for the whole of this place we call our earthly home.

May these gifts be utilized to their full potential, supporting the ministries of this congregation in this place, and to the ends of the earth.  


Invitation to Communion  

Persistence is a virtue encouraged in a variety of scriptures.  In Luke, we hear the story of the persistent widow who continually appeared before the judge, seeking justice.  It’s an argument from the lesser to the greater, teaching us how much more GOD will provide justice than an unhappy judge will do.

At this table, we recognize the same “lesser to greater” lesson.  How much more does God supply for us than the sip of juice and a crumb of bread?  How much more this meal is than a remembered, solemn, “last supper”!  
We also know it as a rehearsal dinner for the Great Banquet.
How much more, here, than a table in our sanctuary?  We anticipate a table with room for all who are followers of Jesus as the Christ.

Week by week, we focus on different facets of this jewel of love:
remembrance, anticipation, many grains of wheat into one loaf, training table, feast.  

But always, persistently, you are invited to participate.  

Will you come share in this meal?