Large/Generous Donors


I want to begin by simply saying thank you.  Your leadership in generosity contributes to the long standing success of our community of faith.   Because of your commitment to the ministry of this congregation, we are an ever increasing effective witness to Jesus Christ.  This congregation is grateful for you, and for the example you set for each of us on what it means to be a faithful steward.

Giving to others is such a joy.  Being a partner in movements that change the lives of individuals and enrich our community is so satisfying.  That is a secret I wish more people could discover for themselves!  Our financial gifts do remarkable things when they are transformed into ministry and mission.  I am especially proud of (list a vital ministry here – something that is new or has grown stronger in the last year).

Our God is a generous God – A God who has been revealed in Jesus as the One who deeply and passionately loves us.  Our God is a God of transformation – who changes us, and through us, changes the world.  (Name of Campaign) is an invitation to share the love and power of God with others.

In the coming weeks you will be hearing stories as to how we as a congregation are engaged in the mission transformation.  Each of us will be challenged to take even bolder steps to invest our whole life into becoming the church God is urging and encouraging us to become.  I want to invite you to join me (us, my family) in our decision to increase the size of our financial gift in the coming year.  It is a time of great possibility for our congregation and the future of its mission.

Again, I thank you for your support.  Giving in the manner that you do does not simply happen – it is the result of faith, trust, intentional choices, and a life of discipline.  We join you in the hope of creating a culture of generosity that touches every person in our church.   Giving is where we find the true meaning and purpose for our lives, a discovery you had already made.

Please plan to be with us for Commitment Sunday on _______ (list date). Not only will we offer our estimates of giving for next year, but we will join together in a church-wide (dinner/event) to celebrate the abundance of our God.


{Signature of the campaign chair}

{Official title}