Stewardship With Children

Interested in teaching stewardship to children?

Here are some resources to help you:

Money Smart Activities for Children and Parents from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (an activity page)

Money Talk Tools and Tips from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (an activity page)

Give Your Children the Gift of Good Money Habits (from Thrivent Finacial for Lutherans)

Children’s Stewardship Calendar

Children’s Stewardship Games (link to eHow article)

Children’s Stewardship Activities (link to eHow article)

How to Teach Stewardship to Children (link to eHow article)

Activities to Teach Children about Tithes and Offering (link to eHow article)

Tips for Teaching Your Teens About Money (link to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans article)

Video Resources

Teaching Children About Money
a “Two Minute Video” featuring Ruth Weaver from Christian Church Foundation

Give God the Apple and Not the Core
a video written and produced by the Sr. High Sunday School at University CC in Fort Worth, TX

Community Discussion

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