Worship is at the heart of our common life together and it is at the center of stewardship.  The very act of making an offering is a sign of thanksgiving and gratitude.  The opportunity for receiving people’s gifts in worship should be given great care and attention.  A time to contemplate on why we give, a chance to make an appropriate gift, a moment to bless the gift as “set apart” for the work of the Realm, and a moment of thanks for both the gift and the giver should be a part of most every time of worship.  In many churches this movement in the liturgy is squandered.  That is not good stewardship!  This is the moment to tell your story – the story of how your church is answering God’s call to do amazing, meaningful, and transforming things.  This the moment to invite people in – to become a co-conspirator in the radical work of the gospel that is turning the world up-side-down.  It is a chance to thank people for their generosity.  Don’t miss it!

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Texts and brief commentary from the resource Inspiring Generosity.

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