Tool Box

A good tool box contains WD 40 and Duct Tape – with an understanding that if it sticks and it shouldn’t, WD-40 is the right tool.  If it doesn’t stick and it should, put some duct tape on it and the problem is solved.  While it is hard to argue with that logic, most journeymen know you need a few more tools that those two alone.  A craftsman knows that you can never have too many good tools!  The purpose of this section is to provide you with tools – some simple (tithing calculator) and some more advanced (Handbook for Treasurers).

If you have a problem and you need a tool to help with a solution, this is the right spot!  There are four areas here for exploration: Utility Belt (easy to use resources); Video Briefs (short videos with ideas, definitions, and inspiration; Useful Links (we don’t know everything, but we know people that do); and Workshop Presentations (if you have been to one of our workshops and you want the notes!).

Video Briefs

Got a minute? It won’t take much longer than that to watch these helpful tips from pastors and stewardship experts! Here are some of the more recent additions:

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