October 3, 2021

Worship Resources

World Communion Sunday

Call to Worship  

(from Psalm 26)

One:  Let us worship the Lord our God,
          whose steadfast love is before our eyes.
Many:  Together, we tune our hearts to sing a song of thanksgiving
One:  Here we tell of God’s wondrous deeds!
Many: We love the places where God’s glory abides!
One:  In this congregation, we bless the Lord.
Many:  Here we stand on level ground, eager to worship God.

Opening Prayer 

Trustworthy God, we open our minds, hearts and hands to your presence among us. 
 In this hour, renew in us the desire to walk faithfully through each new day. 
Hear our gratitude for your grace which accompanies us in the highs and lows of life, and receive our praise!   We pray in Jesus’ name, AMEN

Moment for Stewardship 

When you hear the story of the disciples speaking sternly, trying to send the children away from Jesus, do you remember how Jesus responded? 

Jesus gave the disciples what they needed: “you won’t enter God’s Realm unless you receive it like a child”.

Jesus then gave the children what they wanted:  he picked them up and blessed them.

Jesus gave what he could. 

As followers of Jesus, let’s do that same thing.  Let’s give what we can.

Not necessarily what’s easy (the disciples may not have enjoyed their lesson).

Not necessarily what WE want (Jesus might have had other work he would rather have done).

But when we give what we can give, the congregation, the community, and perhaps the cosmos, all benefit.

What is it you can give?  And, if you CAN, will you?

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Ever-giving God,

You gave Jesus to the world, holding nothing back. 
As he lived, Jesus gave to the world, holding nothing back. 
Thank you for this opportunity for us to give. 
Thank you for all who have given what they can. 

Now as we present this offering, challenge us to stretch out of our comfort zone as we plan ahead to ever-more follow Jesus in the ways we give what we can.     AMEN

Invitation to Communion 

Each time we come to this table, we recognize Jesus’ teaching about the Realm of God not only in words, but with signs and symbols.

Especially on this World Communion Sunday, we recognize the table extends globally, from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.  From Albuquerque to Zionsville, from Austria to Zambia, from Zanzibar right back to Alberta!

All are welcome!  Whether the bread is our traditional bread/crackers, or is naan, whether the cup is filled with Welch’s Grape or milk and honey,
these gifts are for the people of God, gathered in this sanctuary
  and symbols like these are for the people of God, gathered in other places.

These tiny gifts whet our appetite for that gathering of God’s beloveds from across time and space.

(if you have images from around the world, those graphics would fit here!)

The images which flash (on our screens/in our mind’s eye) are images of God’s Realm! 

This feast we share, remember, is a rehearsal dinner for the marriage feast of the Lamb (Rev. 19:6-9).  Rejoice! 
God’s Realm, while not yet fully here, teases into reality our best expectations as we share this meal.