Electronic Giving Cards

It is important for people to participate in the act of giving their offering as an act of worship.  When people choose to give their gift via electronic means, they lose the opportunity to place their gift in the offering plate.  By providing people with a card they can use, they can participate in this corporate act.  This way, the representation of their gift is placed with others and appropriately blessed, and the offering tray does not pass their spot “empty”!

We recommend that they be printed on heavy card stock and can thus be reused.  We would also suggest that a few of the cards be sent to people who elect to use the EFT option along with a letter that both explains the use and purpose of the cards, along with a confirmation of their intent regarding the amount, frequency, etc. of the gift they are making.

Click Here: http://www.centerforfaithandgiving.org/Electronic gift card.pdf

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