July 17, 2022

Worship Resources for 
the Center for Faith and Giving

Proper 11C

Amos 8:1-12 

Psalm 52 

Colossians 1:15-28

Luke 10:38-42

(Consider using CH#275, “Christ is Made the Sure Foundation” as your opening hymn)

Call to Worship  (inspired by Colossians 1:15-20)

One: This is the day! This is the hour! 
           Let’s lift up Christ, who is head of the church!
Many: Christ binds us all together.
One: And all God’s fullness dwells in Christ.
Many: God, working through Christ, brings back together ALL things!
One: So we gather to celebrate the firstborn of the dead,
Many: Jesus Christ, Lord of all!

Opening Prayer  

God, you have given Jesus, the Christ, as a visible image of you. 
Thank you!  
In Christ, we see your love.  
In Christ, we know your compassion.
In Christ, we’re called to lives of service.
So encourage us in this hour to become true disciples of Jesus, the Christ.
May our thoughts, our words and our actions proclaim 
we are followers of the One in whom all your fullness is pleased to dwell.  AMEN

Moment for Stewardship  

Luke’s story of Jesus’ encounter with Martha and Mary is so familiar!  Sometimes we’re tempted to assign low value to Martha and high value to Mary.  Today, tho’, let’s think about how both Mary and Martha offered their best to Jesus when he came to visit.

Traditional roles would have Martha preparing to feed Jesus, along with those traveling with him, plus all who came to hear him.  High stress! Loads of company!  How could everything get prepared and be on time?! 

Mary is shown in an alternative role:  that of disciple (student/learner). 

Jesus recognizes many pressures, but is not willing to chastise Mary.  Rather, Jesus hears Martha’s concern/request and puts that into the larger context of what they might each give to this unique moment.  

Today, we’re invited to bring what we have and who we are.  What can we best give?  What could be our best offering? 

For some, it may be writing a large check.  
For others, it may be offering time to serve (name two or three top ways that could happen for this congregation)
For others, it could be creating a meal, cleaning the kitchen, teaching a class, playing a solo or transporting children to a youth group party.

What is YOUR best way to offer yourself, your gifts, your support for Christ and for Christ’s church?

Let us joyfully bring our best as we receive our morning offering.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Holy God, thank you for creating each of us with gifts and graces which we can offer in the life of this congregation.  
Fill us with a desire to offer our best.  
Help us not diminish what we, or others, offer, 
as we remember Martha and Mary.
Accept our gifts, fill us with a spirit of your grace, 
    and help us fully utilize ALL that is offered here today.


Invitation to Communion  

It’s such a challenge to come to this Table with receptive hearts and minds.
Many of us are living in turmoil, 
     challenged by work, or a lack of work
     concerned about friends or family, or a lack of relationships
     crying out because of illness, aging, political rancor or economic pain

Some of us feel numb, faced by so much work and too little help.
Others are firing on multiple mental levels, just eager to get this hour over
   in order to move on to what comes next.

So we cry out: “Help!”

And I invite you to take three deep breaths.  


Set your feet solidly on the floor.
Open your hands, in a gesture of receptivity.
Take one more deep breath, and close your eyes…
or look up to see only the cross, or the window, or the beauty of this room.



Hear the invitation for Y.O.U. to come to this Table to find Jesus, the Christ, the head and cornerstone.  

You are invited to drink in the promise of Christ’s presence,
   and eat the bread of LIFE.

YOU are welcome at this meal.