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What does Generosity Plus cost? Essentially, your investment is what you believe the service is worth. We will share with you our estimate of the commercial value of services we provide. You choose between $1 and the full commercial cost. There is literally no risk to you. The more generous your donation, the more congregations we can provide with similar services to what you will receive. For those donating at or above 50% of the estimated commercial cost, you may take up to two years to complete your investment. Those who invest at 75% or above may take up to three years. We request those contributing less than 50% to complete their gift within one calendar year.While we think there is added benefit in being with you in your context, we can deliver all our services on-line. If we travel to be with you on site, we ask you to cover our actual travel costs. You invest your time and your desire to grow your capacity for generosity.

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